Nevada Mutual began issuing its first insurance policies in May of 2002. In 2009, Nevada Mutual was awarded a financial rating from Demotech, Inc., an industry-recognized rating agency. Demotech has rated Nevada Mutual a Financial Stability rating of “A” Exceptional, since 2009.

As a mutual insurance company, Nevada Mutual is guided by the needs of its owners/policyholders, not stockholders. The Company returns excess profits to its Nevada doctor owners/policyholders. To date, Nevada Mutual has lowered liability rates, repaid the surplus loans used to start the company and returned more than $1,100,000 in dividends to its insureds. The Company weathered the financial crisis of 2008/2009 without a single investment write-down or capital loss. Not many insurance carriers can say that!

Nevada Mutual is…

  • Licensed under the authority of the Nevada Division of Insurance.
  • Subject to the regulatory oversight of the Nevada Division of Insurance.
  • Managed by professional insurance executives with extensive expertise and experience in medical professional liability insurance.
  • Protected against catastrophic losses to the company through the purchase of reinsurance.

All reinsurers of NMIC are rated “A” or better by A.M. Best or Demotech Inc.

Our Guiding Priciples

The operations of Nevada Mutual Insurance Company are guided by principles stemming from the professional liability needs of its owners. The company is committed to offering:

The broadest medical professional liability protection practicable;

Stability in premiums;

Continuity in coverage.